Hello & thank you for stopping by to see what we are all about here at MPC!

Established in 2012 as a lifestyle brand, I have been on a mission to bring positivity and light into the world one person at a time. If we are all striving to be the best versions of who we are, we can pass that good energy along to those around us. 


I encourage you to wear your MPC gear with a positive heart and a smile on your face. It's amazing what a simple quote and smile can do for someones day so let your light shine on someone else!


Thank you to the new followers and to those of you who have been riding this journey with me since the beginning. I wouldn't be here without you and I am so grateful to have such amazing support behind me who truly believe in this mission. 
After some big life changes over the last few years, I've taken a break from the store to navigate what the next steps are for MPC and for this amazing community that has been built. I appreciate you all so much and am so thankful for all of your messages and positive love during this time. I hope to have updates here soon.


Wishing you all the best and as always, sending you all good vibes!